8 November 2016

Don’t let PSM die: fight piracy!

Guys, piracy is just over-the-top. We don’t know what’s happening, but since 2015 people haven’t let one single week pass without putting one of our pay-per-view videos on sites like PornHub, Boyztube, etc.

1 September 2016

Audition: Kevin

Kevin is totally unticklish…but he’s such a cutie, right? What do you think of his feet? Would you like him to star in a foot fetish flick?
If you want to watch the video without the subtitles to get a better look at his awesome and tender soles, click here to download the “clean” version of the clip.


29 August 2016

Audition: Pol

Name: Pol
Birthday: 04 May, 1991
Birth place: Barcelona
Height: 176 cm / 5’9”
Weight: 60 kg / 132.3 lbs
Shoe size: 41 EU / 8 US
How ticklish on a scale of 1 to 5: 4 (very)


29 August 2016

Audition: Carlos

Name: Carlos
Birthday: 04 June, 1992
Birth place: Barcelona
Height: 192 cm / 6’4”
Weight: 96 kg / 212 lbs
Shoe size: 44 EU / 10.5 US
How ticklish on a scale of 1 to 5: 3 (average)


10 August 2016

Is tickling a “sexual” thing?

Based on a survey he conducted for his fascinating book Laughter, neuroscientist Robert Provine notes that adults and adolescents are seven times more likely to be tickled by members of the opposite sex. When asked whom they would most like to be tickled by, there was a fifteenfold disparity.