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Daniel is a 23-year-old, 185 cm (6’1”) tall, handsome hunk from Medellín, Colombia, with size 47 EU / 13 US feet.
This calm, gentle giant opens up and shows his other side with tickling: the moment Matteo starts caressing his incredibly sensitive and large soles, our Colombian model flinches and pulls against the strong ropes that keep him stuck to our double bed and it’s not long before he laughs hysterically and curses Matteo!
We can’t really tell where Daniel is most ticklish: he turns into a screaming, sweating, panting, sobbing mess in seconds and stays that way throughout his session.
Matteo gets huge reactions and laughter whether he tickles the young man in his exposed armpits or his helpless, big, bare feet and Daniel doesn’t shy away from begging for it to stop, either.
If you want to see a really desperate man, wait until our tickler gets the electric flosser and use it all over the beautiful Latino’s body.

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