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Meet Jaume: the perfect mix between unbearable cuteness and desperate ticklishness.

Flirting with daddy

Attention, tickling and feet lovers: in this video, Matteo tickles super cute twink Jaume’s extremely ticklish soles and sucks the boy’s toes, making him swoon.

Matteo interviews MFF’s Rich

Enjoy this 22-minute-long interview with the creator of the world-wide famous website!

Spanish job sites censor PSM

It’s very hard to work when these Spanish sites keep deleting our ads.
Do they dislike us kinksters?

5th POP

5th POP

If you like hot guys with perfect feet, who hate to be tickled, being tied up half-naked and getting tortured out of their mind…this is the clip for you!

Extreme Italo

Italo thinks he can handle rough, so he subjects to a nonstop tickling session on the Dark Siren and it doesn’t take long before he’s reduced to a laughing mess.

The serial tickler

The serial tickler

Matteo reaches León at his apartment, narcotizes him, mummifies him and tickles the soles of his bare feet until he dies of a heart attack!

POP #5

First foot and tickling private party in Spain with many friends from nine different countries.

Teen to the test (classic clip)

Here’s the only canceled clip that our fans kept requesting over and over again for five years, so we’ve finally decided to bring it back.

León’s first ever bastinado

León lies down with his hands tied behind and his legs lifted and stretched up: it’s time to make those sensitive soles red!

Spanking discipline into the boy

Spanking discipline into the boy

The Principal calls a bad student to his office to give him one last chance: a good ol’ spanking on his naked butt or giving up his ambitions.

Oldies but goldies: human buzzer

The epic moment when our Giulio was a human buzzer during the 3rd POP in Rome.

The first rule of the Tickle Party is…

…you don’t talk about the Tickle Party! ;P
No, we’re just kidding. You tell us what the first rule is!

Oldies but goldies: Bruno’s audition

The very first audition of Bruno, the model of “2nd POP: gift-wrapped”.

POP #5

Private male feet and tickle party in Barcelona to celebrate the 8 years of our production. León will be there!