Pedro gets the bench

This is probably the most tickling our poor Pedro has ever felt on his feather-ticklish feet, so much so that he whines “Oh, my feet! My poor feet!”

Guinea pig – Remastered version

More than 10 years later, the remastered version of “Guinea pig” is here!

Slave gets tickle-trained

Aleksei is completely naked and blindfolded, in a very submissive way.

He hates having his feet tickled!

Our next-door Spaniard José is restrained in a hog tie at Matteo’s mercy.


Come celebrate our 14th birthday with us!

León blindfolded, gagged and subdued

León is blindfolded and ballgagged, displayed over the Dark Siren with a twisted position.

Latino jock fondled and tickled

Matteo has booked his regular “tickle guy”, Pedro, for a session.

Holiday discount for Gumroad

This holiday season, you can subscribe to any of our plans on Gumroad at 50% off.

PayPal for our stores

How to use PayPal to buy our products on our stores.

Aleksei’s audition

Recent audition of Aleksei. What do you think of this candidate? Send us your comments.

Sucking on an android’s toes

Who isn’t excited when they get a delivery? But not everyone gets what Matteo has received today…

Guide to our stores

This post will help you understand which sales/subscriptions options are offered on our various channels.

Roc gets his ass and feet tickled

Roc pulls against the ropes and even jumps when his tormentor teases his balls and huge cock with a feather.

A very ticklish straight twink

An angel-faced cutie with a hot body, a low, masculine voice and some attitude gets destroyed with tickling with absolutely no mercy.

Casa Tickles – 2023 autumn edition

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