He’s part of the furniture

With his job on the line, real estate agent Infante will do whatever his boss and his client demand.

Max upside down

This is Max’s first time on the Dark Siren.

Putting his nephew to work

When a perverted uncle sees how his unemployed nephew has grown into a handsome man, a weird deal is struck between the two.

León’s tickle workout

León sweats, moans and laughs like never before as he endures trainer Matteo’s very special workout.


Make your feet at home!

Pedro’s nude torment

Pedro’s skin gets so shiny, in a mix of oil and sweat, making him even more sensitive, and his eyes are blindfolded, so he can’t see where will Matteo attack next.

Max’s gifted feet

Teacher’s pet Max is offering himself up to please his Professor’s needs.

Photos: Carlos + Vittorio in 5K

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Tickle toy Infante

Submissive, geeky, straight Infante offers himself to Alma, his actual girlfriend, to make their first femdom tickling video together.

Confined Tommaso – Remastered version

More than 10 years later, the remastered version of “Confined Tommaso” is here!

Photos: the Italian era (2010-2013)

The most iconic images from our 2010-2013 period.

Pedro gets the bench

This is probably the most tickling our poor Pedro has ever felt on his feather-ticklish feet, so much so that he whines “Oh, my feet! My poor feet!”

Guinea pig – Remastered version

More than 10 years later, the remastered version of “Guinea pig” is here!

Slave gets tickle-trained

Aleksei is completely naked and blindfolded, in a very submissive way.

He hates having his feet tickled!

Our next-door Spaniard José is restrained in a hog tie at Matteo’s mercy.





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Photos: Carlos + Vittorio in 5K

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Photos: the Italian era (2010-2013)

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Photos: the Hugger’s history

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