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Jock’s feet in bathtub

Just your typical situation when a young, muscular jock is chillin’ in the bathtub and all of a sudden a thirsty foot fetishist arrives…

Oldies but goldies: Vittorio’s audition

First audition of fans’ favorite Vittorio from Italy.

POP #6

Private male feet and tickle party in Barcelona to celebrate the 9 years of our production. Pau will be there!

Extreme Pau

Torturing Pau for almost half an hour didn’t seem evil enough, so now we’ve decided to have him try our infamous Dark Siren.

Pau [latest model]

Pau loves sports and he’s open to trying new things, but when it comes to tickling, his feet can’t take even the slightest touch!

Spread eagle on the bed

We tied Pau, one of the most ticklish guys we have worked with, in the helpless position par excellence, the spread eagle, to give our fans the best experience.

Cristian’s armpits predicament

Cristian’s arms are tied in a way so that his super ticklish armpits are totally helpless and vulnerable…

Boyfriend tickled to orgasm

A young man and his boyfriend play a deviant game of bondage, tickling and slow masturbation.

Extreme Jaume

See poor, little, Jaume howling with laughter, thrashing around and almost crying for this intense, unbearable, nonstop tickle session!

Oldies but goldies: Janik’s audition

First audition of Moldavian hunk Janik, model of one of the “Play parties” clips.

More years of ticklish auditions

PSM opens its private set once more with this huge 40-minute video showing eight, unreleased, Spanish auditions from 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Audition: Leonardo

Brazilian cutie Leonardo is here to show off his sexy feet and hyper ticklish torso!

Stretched and opened wide

Pretty Italo is in a new predicament: on the floor, his arms stretched tight above his head and his legs opened wide with bare feet tied apart to a steel rod.

How to tickle your sub

In this tutorial video, Master Solletico will share some of his knowledge about how to push a tickle sub beyond his limits with just the power of your fingers.

Flirting with daddy

Attention, tickling and feet lovers: in this video, Matteo tickles super cute twink Jaume’s extremely ticklish soles and sucks the boy’s toes, making him swoon.