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José is back, more ticklish than ever!
For this new scene with our straight, “excruciatingly sensitive” friend, we decided to go back to our roots and do a classic spread-eagle bed session: José’s wrists and ankles are securely restrained to the four corners of a huge bed, so that he’s stretched tighter than ever and his horribly ticklish underarms and the smooth bottoms of his feet are as vulnerable as can be.
Of course, as always, he doesn’t like this one bit, but, being the shy person he is, José doesn’t dare to insult Master Matteo while the experienced tickler plays him like an instrument, and just whines and shrieks in quite a dishonorable and embarrassing way.
Thanks to the way José is tied up to the bed, Master Matteo can do absolutely whatever pleases his sadistic mind and he totally dives in his victim’s armpits with his whole face as he licks and nibbles them, bringing José to tears.
Most of all, Master Matteo takes care of the ticklee’s bound feet, first leaving a very manly pair of white, smelly, gym socks on, which still gets a lot of reactions, then removing them altogether, revealing José’s dreamy, sweaty, soft, very, VERY, ticklish bare feet and making the dude howl with laughter, scratching his poor sensitive soles for almost 20 minutes!

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