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Roc is a beefy and very kinky sex worker. He’s also an activist for sex workers’ rights. This is his first day with us, auditioning as a fetish model.
He told Matteo that he’s “probably ticklish”, just not sure how sensitive and how much he’d react. Well, all doubts are cleared in this video: he’s fucking ticklish, HATES being touched in his armpits and under his big feet and he soon looks like an untamable bull, almost breaking our Hugger in half with all the angry thrashing around and jumping.
Matteo, being the sadistic bastard he is, is positively entertained before this handsome, (almost) uncontrollable beast, and uses him as guinea pig to try a plethora of new, evil, tickle tools, which turn out to be very effective on our big, ticklish boy, who struggle with all his might against his restraints.
Matteo even jerks Roc’s dick off for six and a half minutes, while getting him super horny, playing with his nipples and passionately making out with him, to then abruptly interrupt his pleasure before Roc cums, to go back to his torment.
If you want to see more of Roc, buy his audition to let us know just how much you love him!

Model’s data
Name: Roc
Age: 30 years old
Height: 186 cm (6’11” ft)
Weight: 89 kg (196.2 lb)
Shoe size: 44-45 EU (10.5-11.5 US)

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