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Meet José! This straight, 30-year-old, shy, Spanish guy is a bit worried – almost shaken – to shoot with us, since it’s not an exaggeration to say that he’s not just extremely sensitive to tickling: his armpits and feet are actually feather-ticklish…and not in a figurative sense! See it for yourself in this video.
If you add this to the fact that we’ve employed professional shibari ropes and inescapable knots so that the young man is completely exposed and helpless at Matteo’s mercy, you can understand why José can’t do much more than nervously pulling against the ropes, giggling, groaning and cursing Matteo, while the latter tickles his nipples, his ribs, his waist, his stomach…but especially his pits and his bare feet.
And a separate chapter should be written about those size 42 EU / 9 US feet: it’s been years since we’ve seen such well groomed, well arched, meaty, butter-smooth, wrinkled, male soles! Matteo just can’t seem to be able to help himself and has to kiss and nibble and lick those hot, ticklish, straight feet while José keeps laughing.
This sensual, intimate video with soft lights, a lot of close-ups and much verbal teasing on Matteo’s part, has the exact two bondage positions than “León’s worst session yet”: in the first half (seen in the upper body tickling segment and the full version), José’s arms are stretched up and tied with long ropes to a steel beam on the ceiling and, in the second half (seen in the foot tickling segment and the full version), he’s lying on the sofa with his legs up and tied with ropes to a steel column.

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