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We just can’t get enough of José’s painfully, impossibly, ridiculously ticklish feet, can we? They’re so smooth and soft; the slightest caress along his bare soles drives the poor guy crazy!
This time we wanted to try something new and our cute, shy, model is tied to our tickle chair with his hands and feet restrained together in front of him while his feet are in the stocks, so that his movements are seriously limited. If you add to that the fact that a strong Velcro strap is closed tightly around his waist to pull him back, you’ll understand why he barely wiggles. Plus, because of the leather cuffs around his wrists, he can’t stretch his arms far enough to protect his exposed, sensitive feet.
You’ll see plenty of socked feet tickling here, as well as bare feet tickling. Matteo mainly uses his fingers (which should be registered as weapons), but also pet grooming gloves, a pair of electric flossers and two vented brushes with particularly spiky bristles to send poor José to tickle hell.

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