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Marc is a 26 year-old laid-back straight dude with a rather active kinky side who, back in 2018, wanted to try the experience of being restrained to a professional tickle chair to see what Matteo would be able to make him feel.
That must have felt really good because, fast forward to 2022, Marc has contacted Matteo again to submit his pits, feet and his especially ticklish ribs and waist to the Master’s fingers in a nostalgic, ticklish, reunion after 4 years. Matteo even worshipped his beautiful size 42 EU / 9 US feet (this is only present in the 2022 segment and the full clip).
Marc was so satisfied that he agreed to have both sessions published and even betted that, if this video sells well and he sees that he has potential as a model, he’ll come back to film more with our production.

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