31 January 2018

Oldies but goldies: human buzzer

This video shows the epic moment when our Giulio was a human buzzer for a live quiz during the 3rd POP in Rome.

27 January 2018

Oldies but goldies: Bruno’s audition

We will start re-releasing clips that were once published on our Facebook page and lost when the social network decided to ban us without a reason.
In this post, the very first audition of Bruno, the model of 2nd POP: gift-wrapped.

23 January 2018

Tickles from Japan

For more than one month, Japanese YouTuber John Close has been publishing male tickling videos: they’re 15 now and it doesn’t look like they’re going to end anytime soon.
We at PSM have selected for you guys our 3 personal favorites, but you can see the whole “collection” clicking right here.