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It’s training season and hot jock León is ideal for a new kind of activity: a tickle workout!
If León wants to push himself to the limit, he will have to obey dutifully to everything trainer Matteo orders him; as hard as that may be.
After a quick warm-up that leaves León sweating, Matteo bosses the athlete around into a plank: barefoot León needs to keep his toes pointed down on the floor while Matteo scratches the bottom of his ticklish straight male feet.
Afterwards, the harsh coach has the Spaniard sit on the floor so that he’s able to grab his feet and lift them up in the air, exposing his delicate soles, which he proceeds to smear with lotion, to make them even more sensitive, and then tickles them with pet-grooming gloves.
León is an obedient apprentice; that’s for sure. But even for him, to do push-ups and crunches while being tickled is near unbearable and Matteo is just getting started.
It’s shirt off eventually and León bares his hot chest and armpits – he’s almost naked, if not for his loose shorts – and takes it to the next level: his coach gets behind him to make sure no angle of his trainee’s sculpted body is left to exercise. León sweats, moans and laughs like never before as he endures trainer Matteo’s very special workout.

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2 replies on “León’s tickle workout”

  1. Orlando Ruscello says:

    Hi, this is my first time writing to you. Leon’s tickle workout is fantastic. I absolutely love this guy. I downloaded 3 other videos with him and you. I’m hoping that there is another video coming , because at the end you tell him: “this is enough for today,” hinting that there is a tomorrow workout? I’m sure you can find othe deviant ways to tickle train him for sure.
    I absolutely love how he takes the tickling challenge so well. You both are great together.

    1. PSM says:

      Thank you!

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