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What’s happening?!
You’ve just opened your eyes and – damn! – a vision of perversion and beauty appears in front of you: there’s a young, hot, guy who is restrained to what looks like a professional bondage chair.
The guy only has underwear on. He’s blindfolded and mouth-gagged and has both his arms tied at the wrists to the top of the chair, so that he can’t help but have both his manly hairy armpits wide open, and his beautiful bare feet are locked in what look like medieval feetstocks at the other side of the chair, in front of him.
He senses your presence, but can’t do much: he can’t turn around, he can’t get up from the contraption, he can’t free himself. He can’t actually see you or talk to you to beg you to help him.
A weird, naughty thought starts forming inside your mind… What if you just…stretch out your arm and try to touch the young man on his shoulder? Before you know what you’re doing, you start caressing him… He immediately flinches and turns his head in your direction, but it’s useless: the strong, leather blindfold prevents him from seeing even one tiny bit. He mumbles something behind the mouth gag, but nothing intelligible comes out. You keep taking advantage of him and the whole situation… You keep caressing him… You put your hand around his neck… Is he protesting? You don’t care: an evil instinct takes over you. My god… Is he really all yours? This is really turning you on.
A quick look at his exposed bare male feet and you wonder: what if he’s ticklish? What if you spend the afternoon playing with him like a toy, raking your nails up and down his sweaty ticklish soles? What level of insanity do you want this poor helpless dude to reach for your selfish pleasure?

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One reply on “P.O.V.”

  1. Kevin says:

    This has potential. If you can shot more, would be interesting same pov but with the victim unblinded and ungagged.

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