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Infante makes the big mistake to not only come back to our set and in front of our cameras, but he’s so confident that he’s already seen everything that there is about tickling, that our naive straight boy accepts Matteo’s offer to do this new video butt naked, tied to dear ol’ Hugger and without the right to ask for a break.
You see, not only is Infante nice, open-minded and generous by nature; his previous video (“Her tickling method”, which you can see by clicking here) convinced him that no one was going to make him more ticklish than what he was during that experience.
Matteo takes complete advantage of Infante’s miscalculation and, above all, of his huge 45 EU / 11.5 US size feet, trapped as they are in the Hugger’s inescapable stocks.
Infante soon realizes his mistake, but it’s too late, and what a vision is his cock, jumping up and down, while the poor boy reaches such peaks of hysterical laughter that he’s almost out of breath, thrashing and struggling against his bonds in a vain attempt to save his exposed, ticklish body.
This is Matteo at his most sadistic: when Infante can’t take it anymore and whines too much, our tickler simply puts a mouth gag on him to make him suffer some more.

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3 replies on “Infante’s naked and messy session”

  1. Rafael says:

    Hola, si compro la versión UHD y no me funciona bien, me la cambian por la FullHD?

    1. PSM says:

      Hola Rafael,
      Sí, nos confirmas la fecha y el número de pedido (en el email de confirmación de Clips4Sale está indicado como “SO#”) y te enviamos la versión en full HD.
      Pero, por favor, para esta y cualquier otra cuestión en el futuro escríbenos privadamente (vas a la página “Contacts” de esta misma web y seleccionas “Customer Service” en el módulo de contacto). Te contestaremos mucho más rápido.

  2. Rolnuap says:

    Todo tuyo Matteo, no tiene escapatoria. xD Me mola cuando un hetero es preso de un gay. ;p ¡Suerte!

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