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After failing his last exam, Infante faces his private teacher, Carmen.
Every time Infante goes to her house, forbidden thoughts arise inside him… She is kind of his crush, so he feels very humiliated going there with bad results.
Their latest encounters are increasingly likely to take place in her bed, and some days he can barely hide his boner! But today, our nerdy student feels terrified at the idea of disappointing her.
Carmen is, indeed, furious, and won’t accept any more failures. She wants to try a new, experimental, method: tickling!
First, she ties him up helplessly to her bed, with his arms and legs restrained spread-eagle. Then, she gives him one last chance: she reviews with him what they’ve been studying, asking him questions that he’s not able to answer.
That’s when she sits upon him, moving her fingers quickly to tickle his huge feet: first over his socks, then removing them and sadistically tickling his bare feet, making him laugh like a madman.
Infante, hardly containing his tears, can’t believe the predicament continues on his upper body: now Carmen strips off his shirt to attack his ribs and pits, bringing him to true despair.
And when he thinks that the cruel treatment is over, the teacher strikes again on his feet, covering them in baby oil to use her brush against them…

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7 replies on “Her tickling method”

  1. Sten Valen says:

    This is your best video ever. Infante and Carmen have very good chemistry. His feet are beautiful and he has a wonderfully cute laugh which I hope is real. How big are his feet and do you have any still shots?
    Please make more films with Infante, perhaps tied in a different way and with only one foot bared to be tickled.

  2. Joseba says:

    Hola como se paga con paypal

    1. PSM says:

      Nos contactas a través del módulo que encuentras en la página “Contacts” de esta misma web y nos dices que vídeo deseas.

  3. Robbin says:

    This couple is awesome, I bought this clip and it’s one of the best published ever. Tell me guys, is this one of the best selling clips from you? I hope so!

  4. John says:

    Carmen is a tickler dream girl. I would pay money for being tickled by her, lol.

  5. rolnuap says:

    Infante es demasiado lindo. <3

    ¡Seguid todos bien en estos tiempos complicados! 😉

  6. Jose says:

    No puedo creer lo que ven mis ojos… 😀
    Gracias por traer a Carmen de vuelta y sin avisar!
    Seguid asi!

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