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To say goodbye in style to our “Italian era”, we’ve created this bitter-sweet album, devoted to pure nostalgia. Five frames from each one of seventeen PSM videos from the years 2010-2013, for a total of 85 photos from the most world-wide renowned and iconic PSM moments.
Our most popular models from that time are featured here: Claudio (“Claudio tries the Sadistic Lady”), Alejandro (“A little more tickling”), Andrea (“Entrapped little bear”), Cesare (“Free test”), Lorenzo (“TickleCon”) and many more!
We’ve managed to select both armpit-tickling-enthusiasts favorites (An exemplary punishment, Andrea’s nightmare, etc.) and foot-tickling-enthusiasts favorites (Confined and abused, p-S/M Games: Gioele, etc.), as well as group tickling, foot worship, F/M scenes, public events, auditions and scripted films.

You’ll see five frames from each one of these videos:

  • “An exemplary punishment”,
  • “The new, ticklish, neighbor”,
  • “Claudio tries the Sadistic Lady”,
  • “Tickling the tickling master!”,
  • “Alejandro’s audition (HD remaster)”,
  • “TickleCon: Lorenzo”,
  • “14th Pop Porn: entrapped little bear”,
  • “Andrea’s nightmare”,
  • “A little more tickling”,
  • ” ‘Play’ parties: Janik”,
  • “2nd POP: gift-wrapped”,
  • “p-S/M Games: Gioele”,
  • “Simone’s audition (HD remaster)”,
  • “Ettore hugged”,
  • “Confined and abused”,
  • “Iranian boy’s feet worshipped”,
  • “Free test”.

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