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I’ll leave my foot care to you

Joaquín comes back home and bumps into his flatmate Matteo.
While taking off his t-shirt and flip-flops, the handsome Mexican tells Matteo what a hard day he’s had: walking all over the city, store by store, looking for a job. His feet are obviously sore.
Matteo gives him a foot massage, but due to his friend’s big, hot, meaty feet, things escalate pretty quickly, and the Italian kinkster is worshipping Joaquín’s feet in no time.

Jock’s feet in bathtub

Just your typical situation when a young, muscular jock is chillin’ in the bathtub and all of a sudden a thirsty foot fetishist arrives, grabs the hottie’s feet and starts playing with them. What do you say? It isn’t that common? Really?
Anyways, this clip is ideal for people who love feet.
Matteo works really hard with his lips and tongue to taste Pau’s manly, strong, feet.

Young adonis worshipped

Gorgeous 25 yo Vittorio from Italy has his 42 EU (8.5 US) perfect feet worshipped by Matteo: PSM’s boss massages, kisses, sucks and sniffs (there’s a long scene of that) the boy’s smooth toes and soles while Vittorio takes total control of his foot slave, pressing his feet on his face and teasing him by raising them so that Matteo won’t reach them but can just drool with desire.
There are lots of closeups of the handsome boy’s toes and super soft soles.
Enjoy the last scene where Matteo lays on his back as Vittorio puts his legs on the side of the armchair and plays with his feet above Matteo’s face.

My boss’s feet

Hot shot executive León calls one of his employees to tell him his productivity is at an all-time low.
When León puts his classic leather lace up expensive shoes on the table, Matteo the worker has an idea: to avoid layoff, he is willing to worship his powerful boss’s feet.
As Matteo starts to unlace León’s shoes, the boss doesn’t seem surprised at all: we get the idea he’s used to his subordinates serving his feet.
While the submissive employee pathetically sniffs and massages León’s sweaty socked feet, then bares them and licks them, the businessman carelessly looks at his smartphone, then calls his secretary to ask her about work-related issues.
Will Matteo’s tongue skills impress León and save his job?

Víctor’s feet and cock

Young Víctor goes to massage expert Matteo. We see the lad slowly taking off all his clothes until his dick is showing. The boy lays down on the massage bed and Matteo starts working his way on the young man’s tanned and athletic body: his shoulders…his back…his legs…finally reaching his hot, soft, smelly feet. Matteo doesn’t waste time: he’s soon running his tongue on Víctor’s soles. The boy moans heavily, turns around revealing his erection and starts jerking off, while Matteo keeps pleasuring his feet.
Watch as Víctor cums a big load all over his body!

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