One of the new scenes in the extended version.
Two days ago, our production released a re-edited and extended version of the 2011 classic “Claudio tries the Sadistic Lady”.
Many of you have asked us what are the differences between this version and the original video, so we thought that an article giving a comparison between the two would be useful.
First of all, let’s consider that we’re comparing two videos with two very different time lengths: the original one was 25 minutes long; this one is a little more than 40. So, as a general rule, every scene has a different cut in this one. Everything is more indulged and detailed.
These are the new or extended scenes:

1) There’s a scene at the beginning of the clip (around 6’ in the original full version) when Master Solletico, after having tickled Claudio from behind the chair, grabs one feather to keep tickling him with it and also briefly tickles him in the neck and the belly button.
This whole scene with the feather, of around one minute, was removed in the original version, where it cuts straight to the next scene of Claudio wearing a blindfold.

2) At 18’48’’ in the original full version, the scene cuts to Master Solletico using both brushes on Claudio’s feet.
In this new version, Master Solletico puts down his brush and proceeds to nibble at Claudio’s feet (indeed, the only instance of that in the whole video, deleted in the original version); then he oils up his soles and finally takes back both brushes (the whole deleted scene lasts one minute).

3) At 20’10’’ in the original full version, 2 minutes and a half of additional torture were removed (more brushes and more finger tickling).

4) At 22’49’’ in the original full version, it cuts from brush tickling to Master Solletico kneeling in front of Claudio’s feet.
This is probably the longest scene that was cut from the original – 3 minutes – and probably the most original one, with a perspective that isn’t present anywhere else in the video (see the image at the top of the article for a screencap).

5) Right at the end of the video, Master Solletico sits on the Sadistic Lady on Claudio’s legs and tickles him for one more minute. This scene was completely removed from the original version.

Some of the sequences that have been reinserted are so original that they almost feel like a new clip with Claudio after so many years.
Add to that the beautiful colors and the sharp images of this full HD edition and you have the real, complete, experience of Claudio tries the Sadistic Lady, like you’ve never seen before.


14 replies on “What’s new in the re-edited Claudio’s clip?”

  1. Nicola says:

    Ciao, volevo acquistare il video di Claudio ma non riesco a trovarlo. C’è un modo per farlo?

    1. PSM says:

      Lo trovi sul nostro nuovo negozio: .

  2. Tati says:

    I have like one hundred of professional tickling videos and this one is the best I have ever see. Claudio is incredible, he is so sexy and so ticklish and the direction of the clip is great too. My favorite part is the armpit tongue tickling sequence. Wow! We rarely see this in tickling video but it’s the most hot way to tickle at my point. The only thing that lack is more thighs tickle.

    This clip is almost perfect. Wow ! If you have one clip to buy, it’s definitely this one ! I would pay a lot to see him tickle again in undies this time.

  3. Eric says:

    Wow!Can you give me Claudio’s contact information?He is my favorite!

    1. PSM says:

      We’re sorry, but no.
      Giving private information (of which contacts are a part of) of employees who have entrusted us with said private information to the public would be illegal and irresponsible.

  4. MaleFeet says:

    Great looking guy!

  5. AndresMX says:

    Todavia teneis la Sadistic Lady?

  6. Andrea says:

    Todavia teneis la Sadistic Lady?

    1. PSM says:

      Hola! Se convirtió en la Abrazadora (the Hugger).

      1. AndresMX says:

        Perdona por el comentario doble, no habia visto la respuesta!

  7. Kyri says:

    Hi, the clips4sale page doesnt work when I try to buy the video 🙁

    1. PSM says:

      Hi. These are the two Clips4Sale pages for the two versions of the video for us.
      What do you see?

      1. Kyri says:

        Hi sorry for that, the page is working as I just bought the video. Keep up the amazing job guys! Can’t wait to see more from you

        1. PSM says:

          We’re glad you could do it.

          Thanks for supporting us!

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