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Mauricio hugged

24 y.o. Mauricio from Peru is a great guy: good-looking, ultra-ticklish and so available to try new things out!
Today he will pleasure our eyes and ears with his body reactions and hysterical laughter when on the Hugger.
The poor guy squirms, begs and even – literally! – weeps because Matteo has no mercy upon him and his big, super-soft feet.

How to tickle your sub

This is a tutorial video for both the newbies and everyone who has already had some experiences with tickle .
In this clip, Master Solletico will share some of his knowledge about how to properly dominate a tickle sub and push him beyond his limits with just the power of your fingers.
For this academic explanation, our Master borrows Jaume’s über ticklish body to explore the tickle sensations and reactions especially connected to his feet.
You will gradually see Jaume’s submission and worship grow as the laughter increase.

León tries the Dark Siren

We’re proud to finally present the first studio clip with the Dark Siren.
And what better model to celebrate this moment than León? The hottie got all dolled up in his elegant suit and leather shoes just to get a proper, prolonged, tickle treatment: hands restrained above his head, belt fastened around his waist, feet in the stocks and Matteo’s care!
After watching how the Master slowly ties his tickle slave up in a 1’30” scene, you’ll be able to enjoy a merciless, sadistic and cynical tickling to his socked feet (6 non-stop minutes) and bare feet (9 minutes), while Matteo teases the sexy boy, laughing and mocking him for his ticklishness.
We’re pretty sure León has never roared with laughter and squirmed this much in his life!

Spread eagle on the bed

This young and very sexy model is one of the most ticklish guys we have ever worked with and hates to be tickled! Moreover, there’s no place on his hot, fit, body that isn’t ticklish.
That is why we thought that the best way to give our fans the deepest and most torturous experience with Pau was to have the boy at the complete mercy of Matteo, tied to a large bed in the most helpless position: the spread eagle!
Pau can’t do much more than shouting, uselessly struggling against his bonds and, above all, roaring with laughter while Matteo delights in exploring every inch of his sweaty, ticklish, body.

Boyfriend tickled to orgasm

A young man and his boyfriend are alone in their bedroom and things start to get steamy: the two guys kiss and caress each other until the older one wants to play; so he strips the younger one naked and ties him up – wrists and ankles – to the bed.
At first, the bound boy seems uncertain and needs to put up with the deviant game: he knows his boyfriend has a huge tickle fetish and that worries him a little because of how ticklish he is!
The perverted guy very slowly and cruelly tickles his captive everywhere, taunting him to get more laughter.
During the half hour of this game, as his relentless tickling goes on, the kinkster jerks off his boyfriend’s cock to fuck with his mind and mix torment with pleasure.
Finally, the young one can’t take it anymore and busts a load all over his chest and stomach.

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