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Argentinean cutie Diego comes to our studio with an attitude, but Master Matteo will soon make sure to turn him into a proper tickle toy.
Our tickler has him sit on the Dark Siren and the boy, almost mechanically, takes his t-shirt off, revealing a sexy, athletic, thick, torso, with wide pecs. He has both wrists held tight by handcuffs positioned at the top of the tickle chair’s backrest. This way, he can’t help but dangerously expose his extremely sensitive armpits.
Master Matteo then proceeds to take care of his other extremities: he removes both his sneakers, allowing us to see his beautiful, socked, feet; so perfectly arched and with big, rounded, heels and balls of the feet that they draw such hot shapes on those smelly, white, gym socks. The Master immediately secures those beauties in the heavy feetstocks.
The Dom rigorously examines the Latino guy’s upper body with his fingers: neck, underarms, ribs. At first, Diego tries to resist, but he very soon surrenders to laughter, letting out a cute – almost boyish – long, happy, silly, laugh, with sudden shrieks. To make him really lose his mind, Master Matteo smears his most sensitive spots – especially his super ticklish neck and pits! – with massage oil, then starts the second tickle round, without pity. This is when Diego literally cries with laughter!
After several minutes, while our tickle sub is panting and unable to talk, the Master moves to the other side of the chair, taking off the Argentine’s white socks and uncovering his gorgeous, ticklish, feet.
Viciously assaulted by the tickler’s fingers and by his hairbrush, Diego can’t believe how ticklish his feet actually are and rapidly turns into a hysterical laughing mess…only for Master Matteo to make the boy’s feet drip with massage oil, quadruple their sensitivity and then really go to town with them!
Bonus scene only in the full version: with Diego now exhausted, Matteo puts the icing on the cake…quite literally. He smears the boy’s feet with cream, to worship them passionately and lasciviously, taking all the time that he needs…while Diego, still dizzy and confused, gives in to pleasure, moaning and getting aroused.

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