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You’ve been working hard as a secretary for your arrogant suited boss Matteo, a lazy tyrant who orders you around. Photocopies, coffee… all these boring tasks have given you time to catch a peep at what you’ve been craving all along: Matteo’s feet!
Today, he caught you looking at his shoes. Not just one time. He smirks: he didn’t know you were interested in that… and he’s desperately in need of a good footrub, which is why he instructs you to get on your knees and take off his shoes. His wishes are your command, so you strip off his shoes as he moans in relief. You take your time caressing and touching his soles through his black see-through knee-high socks. But you want more: he doesn’t complain when you take his socks off, massaging and rubbing those feet as the room gets hotter.
He asks you to get under the table and starts stepping on your face with his feet. You lust and touch and please him as he attends work calls.
He then asks you to get up again as he puts his feet on the table: it’s time to use his moisturizer to give your boss’s feet the care they deserve.

Trailer’s song
“EDM Detection Mode” by Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

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