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Who isn’t excited when they get a delivery? But not everyone gets what Matteo has received today… He’s so thrilled to open this huge, heavy, carton box standing at the entrance of his apartment. It’s not a new fridge, but an android to play with!
As soon as Matteo lays the box on the floor and opens its bottom, the futuristic creation’s socked feet appear. When it’s out of its crate, one can see that it’s a hyper-realistic human-size robot with the face and body of our model Marc! It only has a tight, shiny, red slip and white socks on. The latter are immediately removed by Matteo.
The machine wakes up, ready for Matteo’s commands. “Sí Señor” (Yes Sir), it says after every order.
Matteo makes it sit on the sofa and starts worshipping its feet. The amazing humanoid probably wasn’t designed for such a simple activity as foot fetish, but it cannot oppose: “Yes Sir”, it says every time. With its quite beautiful feet, maybe foot fetish was its destiny after all…
Matteo is sucking on its toes, and pours a generous amount of honey over them, licking the sweet, sticky soles. Then he makes its mechanical slave completely lay on the sofa, with its feet on the armrest. “Yes Sir”, it says, while Matteo jumps over it to continue sniffing, nibbling and kissing its feet.
Finally, Matteo lies down himself and makes the robot trample his face, passionately licking the android’s feet.

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