After almost two years studying the city and its places, PSM has finally found a field of action: this Sunday, October 18, from 7:13 PM to 2 AM, we’ll be finally bringing back our public tickle events!
The place to be is the bar Madame Jasmine, very close to the center of Barcelona.
We’ll have the Hugger with us and our lovely Miss Riot will be there to initiate you to new, ticklish sensations!
The entrance is free.
As always: no one will force you to either tickle or get tickled; you can just watch and have fun.

Program for the event
From 7:15 PM: auditions of PSM Tickling Network production for all candidates who will have applied writing to us.
At 9 PM: game “math with tickling”: will you remember which numbers match the body parts you’re being tickled on? You’ll win a drink!
At 11 PM: game “karaoke with tickling”:sing your favorite songs while you’re having a laugh. You’ll win a drink!
At 1 AM: game “first sight love with tickling”: is that girl so beautiful that you could even let her torture you with tickling? Prove it!
In every moment without games or specific activities: classes to better your skill at tickling, relaxing tickling sessions, challenges with your friends and much more!

Location, contact and more info can be found here: CLICK HERE.

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