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Roc is completely naked, lying face down on the bed, restrained with strong ropes in a spread eagle position. This is a very humiliating situation for such a big, strong and proud man, as Matteo has access to his whole body, including his fat, throbbing ass and his size-45-EU (11.5-US) feet, which get thoroughly tickled.
In this clip, we can’t really say Roc is a laugher: partly because he’s holding back to show his strength; also because of the uncomfortable position; finally, because he’s so frustrated and angry.
But what you can’t deny is that he’s not affected by Matteo’s skilled fingers tickling his armpits, his sides, his ass, his balls, his thighs and the bottom of his big feet: Roc the bull is definitely back in this video! He shouts, moans, groans, pulls against the ropes and even JUMPS (as little as his restraints allow him, of course), especially when his tormentor teases his balls and huge cock with a feather.

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