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Uncle Matteo has to let his lazy nephew Aleksei stay at his house while he’s looking for a job.
Matteo expects the good-for-nothing rascal he once knew, but, as it turns out, Aleksei shows up at his front door grown into a handsome, muscular and tall man with 11.5-size feet!
As Aleksei begs for a place to stay, uncle Matteo comes up with the perfect exchange: his nephew’s ticklish body for a room.
Aleksei seals the deal as he lets his uncle strap him to the Dark Siren and expose his armpits and his big feet.
Matteo plays and teases his nephew as he rubs and tickles his soles, and it doesn’t take much to make Aleksei flinch, lose it and burst out laughing.
What his nephew doesn’t know is that Matteo is just getting started and there’s no limit to where his kinky desires go.
Since Aleksei’s so helpless, uncle Matteo takes the opportunity to move towards his sculpted torso and hairy, ticklish underarms. His nephew thrashes against the Dark Siren as Matteo gets on top of him. Amongst the screaming, Matteo discovers that it will only take a few kisses on Aleksei’s body to drive him to hysterics and push him to the edge.

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