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Isn’t it nice to have the perfect slave all tied and naked to fulfil your sadistic fantasies? Pedro’s naivety and sweetness makes him, indeed, so perfect to play with.
Here, his arms are tied to the ceiling with ropes and his ankles are trapped in the Hugger’s wooden stocks, exposing his delightful armpits and hypersensitive soles.
After just a few moments since the beginning of today’s tickling session, Pedro’s skin gets so shiny in a mix of oil and sweat, making him even more sensitive. His eyes are blindfolded, so he can’t see where will Matteo attack next.
Our tickler first approaches him from behind, using his bare hands on Pedro’s underarms and torso to start teasing the ticklee. Then Matteo begins playing with the captive’s cock and balls.
Watch this little pup begging his tormentor to stop, as Matteo uses feathers, brushes, pet-grooming gloves and electric flossers to milk all the laughter he can out of poor Pedro!

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