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Cute, innocent and nice Pedro is quickly becoming one of our audience’s favorites. It might be because of his huge, charming smile or his sweet voice, but we suspect that his one-of-a-kind ticklishness has something to do with it. In fact, Pedro is the dream ticklee: young, handsome, with a great body, always in the mood for new challenges, but, above all, his whole body – nose, lips, neck, nipples… everything included! – is just pathologically ticklish. And what’s best is he can’t stand it and his reactions are over-the-top, which includes screams, begging, crying… But he’s just so open and kind and selfless that not only does he not turn down a tickling session, he doesn’t even get angry during it or wish to save himself from the torment! He kinda resigns himself to his fate. L.O.L.!
That’s why we thought he was the perfect candidate to revive an old tickling format that we only tried once with León and that proved to be a great success: the models being restrained face down to the Bench with their feet sticking out its wooden stocks so that their bare soles would point up and be utterly vulnerable to any attack.
Indeed, this is probably the most tickling our poor Pedro has ever received and felt on his feather-ticklish feet, so much so that, at some point during the relentless torment inflicted by Matteo, he literally whines “Oh, my feet! My poor feet!” right before surrendering to uncontrollable fits of laughter.
This is the first time Matteo has the young Latino so immobilized, so of course it is expected that our tickler takes full advantage of the situation and, as he buries his left hand in Pedro’s super ticklish and sweaty armpit, Matteo also prevents his victim to even scream by smothering him with his right hand, all the while licking his neck.
This time we really got him good, people! Will our unfortunate and ticklish Latino come back for another round?

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One reply on “Pedro gets the bench”

  1. David Morán says:

    Hola, ¿cómo estás? Soy estadounidense y soy un hombre muy cosquilloso y me encanta que me cosquilleen brutalmente y sin piedad.

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