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Pau invites his cousin León home to have a talk. He is worried about León’s lifestyle and wants to convince him to stop his all-day-party behavior. León pretends to listen, but when the night arrives, he falls into temptation again, steals his cousin’s money and goes out, to then return totally wasted. Pau, sick of his cousin’s foolishness, takes the chance to teach León through a particular punishment.
With a very serious expression on his face, Pau undresses and ties León to his bed, waiting for him to recover from his hangover and to wake up.
Shirtless, barefoot, confused and tied spread eagle, León regains consciousness to see his relative in control of him. Pau starts a tickle torture with the aim to, once and for all, teach León a lesson.
Beginning on the feet, Pau vigorously slides his fingers on the squirming soles, squeezing the tickles out of them. León is hating every second of it, demanding his cousin to stop at once!
When he seems to have finished the torment, Pau grabs an hairbrush to make León go wild.
It seems that Pau is really enjoying this! He takes his shirt off and lays on León’s body to tickle his abs, ribs and, of course, his manly armpits. Poor León is so humiliated, laughing and giggling like a baby! Then, sitting on his ticklish cousin, Pau hastens his fingers, making León holler with laughter.
In the edge of insanity, Pau pushes his cousin even further, grabbing the brush again to end his punishment on Leon’s ticklish feet with no mercy.

This is a 60fps video which life-like movements will involve you like never before.

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