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Teacher’s pet Max is invited to Professor’s Matteo’s house to receive a curious proposal: through obscure esoteric literature, Professor Matteo has discovered that the key to eternal life is stealing a young man’s laugh… and if his student wants to keep his good grades, he must help with the Professor’s studies. But… what is happening? Max feels slightly light-headed and he suddenly needs to close his eyes… Little does Max know what his teacher has in store for him when he wakes up strapped to the Hugger!
As Matteo takes off the boy’s shoes – revealing his see-through socks and his perfect, ticklish, size 10.5 feet – Max realizes he has become his Professor’s guinea pig. For scientific purposes, Matteo needs to recur to tickling to get a laugh out of his pupil. Max may be focused, but he’s a tough nut to crack! Watch this handsome Spaniard squirm and thrash, pant and sweat, to not burst out laughing.
Professor Matteo is committed to the cause and discovers Max’s weak spots – his feet and armpits – as he finds the perfect tools to break him. Max is really offering himself up to please his Professor’s needs.

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