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This is Max’s first time on the Dark Siren and the young man is positioned just like León in his “Blindfolded, gagged and subdued” clip. With his feet elevated and full body exposed, Max is an easy target for Matteo.
The session starts from the feet, as the tickler first explores Max’s soles with his bare hands. Each touch makes Max groan and thrash around.
Matteo continues his torment with hair brushes, and after that, with the devious pet-grooming gloves.
Next, Matteo shifts his focus on the upper body, teasing the boy’s underarms and quickly escalating it by firmly squeezing them, sending Max into fits of laughter.
Moving to the ticklee’s sides, Matteo bites and nibbles, taking advantage of Max’s weak spot and causing him to panic.
Max’s reactions show a mix of desperation and futile attempts to escape. The tickler’s relentless technique ensures every inch of Max’s young, beautiful and thin body receives the right amount of attention.
Despite his efforts to man up, Max’s resolve crumbles under the constant tickling. Exhausted and breathless, Max continues laughing, knowing there’s no escape from Matteo’s skilled hands.

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