7 replies on “Matteo interviews MFF’s Rich”

  1. blank Rodolfo says:

    Peccato non avere sottotitoli in italiano. Intervista interessante ma per chi non parla fluentemente l’inglese, se ne perde una buona parte. Comunque grazie.

  2. blank Jason says:

    At 19:49 of the video, who is the artist being mentioned?

  3. blank Jason Lee says:

    Pardon, who was the artist ATN (if I spelled that write)? Where would one find his works? Thank you!

    1. blank PSM says:

      Could you please point to the exact moment in the video (minutes and seconds) where one of the two says that?

      1. blank Jason Lee says:

        @ 19:49 about some artist (IDK how to spell it accurately from just that).

        1. blank PSM says:

          @Jason: It’s the artist “Etienne”. This is a little gallery for you (provided by Rich himself!): https://postimg.cc/gallery/tZqPQpD .

  4. blank dylan says:

    I’ve subscribed to My Friends Feet off and on over the years since the early years. I bought DVD’s. then clips, memberships, saved drawings featured on the site-as well as read the tickling fiction. It’s been interesting to see the website change over the years. Though I understand why this site has evolved over the years, the biggest disappointment has been the invasion of the pornstars. These guys all look alike, they’re built alike, and worst of all, most of them aren’t ticklish. Also gone is the originality. Nowadays it’s strap some big guy to a black table in a white room and tickle him. That said, before Rich Ivey, there was nothing, and most of what’s followed since (save for PSM which IS a great newer site) fails to compare or live up to the standard. I recall my excitement at discovering MyFriendsFeet nearly twenty years ago and I wish him continued success.

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