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After many requests, here’s our sexy Cuban boy Lirio’s first full session!
Picture it: an intimate room; a big, comfortable, bed; soft lights coming from each side. And three barefoot men: our brazen 22 y/o ticklee, eager to surrender himself; Matteo, ready to milk the cutest and most desperate laughter out of Lirio; and fans’ favorite León, holding the ticklish twink’s head down against the mattress or grabbing him by the neck. No restraints needed.
Intertwined bodies; six different tickling positions; Lirio’s incredibly soft, wide, high-arched, feet being violently worshipped and almost “eaten”: this video has got you covered!

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3 replies on “Lirio held and tickled by two”

  1. JL says:

    probably one of your best videos ever … the way Lirio looks both tortured and loving it … just so kinky

  2. George says:

    Great video. I think it is time for Leon to worship some feet too 😉 It would be a hot video 😉 Also, I wish you guys had more regular updates. All your videos are amazing.

    1. Steevy says:

      I agree

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