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It’s been two years since León was last tickled and that is two years too long, but we’re about to solve that!
This 23-minute video has our sexy straight jock stripped to his black gym shorts and restrained in two different positions: arms stretched up tied with long ropes to a steel beam on the ceiling and lying on the sofa with his legs up tied to a steel column, again with ropes.
Matteo is savage in this scene: he voraciously eats León’s wide-open pits and the bottoms of his feet to make him howl with agonizing laughter until he’s red in the face. He even breaks one of the ropes at one point (in the upper body portion)!
This is the most ticklish you’ve ever seen León: his reactions are extreme. The poor guy desperately tries to relax and take his mind somewhere else, but to no avail.
No spot is safe: there’s even one minute of bellybutton tickling that makes León hysterical.
Near the end of the feet segment, you can actually tell that the athletic Spaniard is losing his mind, uttering incoherent words while giggling with an insane look in his eyes.
The chemistry between Matteo and León reaches its highest peak here, with a fun and subtle game of malicious looks and brotherly taunts.

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One reply on “León’s worst session yet”

  1. Mike says:

    If León was wearing white socks, this clip could become a true masterpiece.

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