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In our last video, León went to his cousin’s house planning to party the night away, but then Pau started scolding him because of his reckless lifestyle. Pau decided to punish his relative tickling the hell out of him! But, did León learn the lesson?
León gets off the bed totally embarrassed, trying to apologize to Pau and even thank him for the lesson. Pau, now exhausted from the sleepless night, barely says anything and goes to sleep. Humiliated and full of anger, León takes the occasion to turn the tables. Making sure Pau is sound asleep, León ties him using the same wrist and ankle restraints his cousin used on him. So when Pau awakes, he finds himself in the opposite position than last time.
Just as Pau did, León starts on his bare feet. First, one sole, increasing intensity as the laughter go by, then the other… Desperate and shocked by his sexy cousin’s skill, Pau tries to free himself to no avail, while laughing his head off.
Taking advantage of his cousin only wearing underwear, León jumps on the bed to reach Pau’s ribs and pits, tickling swiftly and mercilessly. Pau, forced to laugh hysterically and drenched in sweat, can’t bear much longer. He just can’t believe what an expert tickler León is!
León attacks the soles of his bud again, but this time using a brush, to make sure his reprisal is complete. Who laughs the last, laughs best!

This is a 60fps video which life-like movements will involve you like never before.

And if you enjoyed this, don’t forget to complete the story with “Pau teaches León a lesson”.

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2 replies on “León takes revenge on Pau”

  1. Ben says:

    So excited to watch this, just bought two videos. Where can I download them?

    1. PSM says:

      The download link is in the confirmation email. Write us privately (from our Contacts page) if you have any issue.
      Enjoy your videos!

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