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Matteo has booked his regular “tickle guy”, Pedro, for a session. The deal between them is easily explained: the young Latino needs to get through an ordeal made of horrible ticklish laughter and sweat, and our tickle Master pays him afterwards. By now, Matteo knows that Pedro is insanely ticklish, so every gig with him is a guaranteed satisfaction.
Pedro has arrived in his manly and practical athletic gear and he’s sexier than ever: thin, white tank top to properly expose his horrendously ticklish pits when Matteo will tie his arms above his head; military-green soft gym shorts to see his bulge all the time and easily access his cock; white cushion crew socks; white sneakers. For him, Matteo is just “the tickling client”: this is not something that he had tried before he had met Matteo and it isn’t something he’s used to, but it pays well, after all. As always, he puts himself at the mercy of his client. This time the date will be in bed, so the hot jock lies on his back and lets the Master ties him with ropes in a T shape: arms up and outstretched to the two upper corners of the bed; feet tied together to the end of the bed.
Throughout the session, Matteo will ignore poor Pedro’s desperate and hysterical laughter, using his body as his plaything, stroking his bare soles with hairbrushes or rubbing his dick with his hand.

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