The following is an interview to PSM’s founder, Matteo Proietti, of a few years ago on The Big Tickle Blog, an online page that was devoted to articles about tickling in general and tickling video productions; now closed. (12 February, 2011)

How did PSM come about?
PSM (which actually stands for “Progetto Solletico Maschile” – “Male Tickling Project” in Italian – and was adapted as “Project: Stimulation of Men” only to maintain the acronym) has been a “dream” I’ve chased for a long time, from when I became a “pioneer” of erotic tickling in Italy. 
Since I was a teenager, at the beginning of the 21st century, when there was nothing in Italy representing our fetish and culture (I feel like part of a community), I was one of the most active tickle lovers in my country, soon becoming the link between the members of the Italian tickling community, meeting them all over the nation (I traveled miles for that), starting to film the first Italian amateur tickling movies (my “private“ experiences!) and put them on the web, thus helping one “ticklephile”  connect to another and in doing so I was laying the foundations for what would become a stronger community.
I gave notes and suggestions to a friend of mine, my “tickle partner” at the time, to create the first Italian tickling online forum, still active and the most known and used by national M/M tickling lovers.
Finally, in 2006, the time had come to organize the first “tickle party” in Italy, which I actually did in my very own home, with a bunch of people who are now the biggest ticklephiles in Italy and, having learnt from it, are now engaging in more and more tickling experiences and fun.
I soon learnt a lesson: if you want something to change, start trying to make it change yourself. With this new outlook, and motivated by my past experiences and goals, I created a “PSM” Facebook group, which soon facilitated regular public meetings between small groups of erotic tickling enthusiasts from all over Italy, as well as national parties and now even a production company.

What has been the biggest upside to starting your own production company?
It seemed like the first time in my life I was working; it really is the first time I started paying attention and putting my heart into something that I also get money from!
The greatest satisfaction of all was that I chose it and it worked. I mean, people appreciated a thing that came solely from my (perverted) mind!
I do something I love and I get paid for it. Could it be any better?

Has there been a down side?
Well… It’s not a real down side, but… before doing it I thought I would be horny all the time! Haha… But I’m not! I’m very professional on the set and am always thinking about how much time has passed for the torso tickling and how much is left before the feet tickling comes and all that kind of stuff that isn’t really sexy. I have to admit it’s much more fun and relaxing in private!

What is your relationship like with other tickle film producers?
I have good relationships with pretty much everyone in the tickling world, trying to have as many friends as possible so to strengthen our community.
I have only encountered two problems: homophobia exists among (straight) tickle enthusiasts too and people often can’t stand the harshness I use on the web so to avoid potential time-wasters (I’ve got something to tell you: I absolutely HATE talking about tickling itself on the web! I like to DO it, in real life… Less talk and more action, you know).

Do your family or friends know about your tickle flick work?
If yes, what are their thoughts?
All of my friends know about me, in general. I’m very easy-going; so, yes, they know about the tickle fetish too. It was a natural pace to tell them about the production.
Also my parents know about this. They’re a bit “skeptical”, but they’ve always been very supportive and I have to say that I’ve made them face so many “battles” they’re now used to have a “difficult son”: I’m gay, I’m an atheist, I’m a political activist and many many other “troubles” for my poor ma and pa. 🙂

How has your tickle work impacted your personal life?
I’ve always been a tickling lover and especially an “out” one, so this last choice didn’t cause much fuss. My life was like “Oh, you also produce tickle films now. Oh well, whatever.”
If I have to stress a change, I’d say I’m learning more about show business: how to understand your audience tastes, how to improve your sales, this kind of stuff.

Where do you find your models?
Everywhere! I don’t know the meaning of the word “shyness”. Believe me, I’m the kind of lunatic who approaches you in the disco and shoots: “Hi, I’m Matteo. I like to tie people up and tickle torture them. Wanna try?”
I told you, I’m so opened about my tickling passion that two New Year’s Eves ago a guy came near me in the pub where I was spending the night with some friends and told me: “I know all your sexual fantasies and tonight I’m willing to satisfy them.”

What is their general reaction when you tell them you want to tickle them on camera?
Well, I know how to choose the type of guy who wouldn’t tell me to fuck myself. So they usually giggle, find it fun and “alternative” and are curious to try.

Where do you get your ideas for the stories in your tickle scenes?
Solely from my perverted mind…and some suggestions from my friends.

Do you think you will ever move from a Clips4Sale format to a monthly membership site?
As long as the sales keep growing…who knows! 😉

What is tickling like in your city?
Italians like to say they’re catholic even if no one has ever read a Bible, no one goes to church and everyone hates the Pope. They don’t respect the catholic teachings about sex and they’re generally careless about gay people.
The rule, especially here in Rome, is: you can do whatever you like, but no one has to know and see. I like the first part of the rule and usually ignore the second half.

What does the future of PMS look like?
Brilliant! We’re bettering our website and my goal is to make it THE place for the Italian community to come, know each other and create public events.
I’m also doing my best to organize a regular tickle night in Rome.

Do you have any final thoughts you would like to leave our readers with?
To live this as being part of a community and not being ashamed of being “different”. Being different is the most common thing in the world, being us a population of 7 bilion people. And having something new to show to the other people makes us rich and interesting, not a menace.


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