Starting today and up to and including the 31 December, you can subscribe to any of our plans on Gumroad at 50% off.
Go on our Gumroad store now and buy the subscription you prefer, either the streaming service, to be able to watch our 13-year library of male tickling and feet videos and photos wherever you are, or the downloads service, which allows you to keep our content forever.
This holiday season, subscribe to either plan for one, three or six months at half the normal price.


2 replies on “Holiday discount for Gumroad”

  1. Zippy says:

    Hello Merry Christmas! If I subscribe to the download service on Gumroad, will I get access to content like Aleksei’s Audition (and all your latest videos) not found there but found on this official website ( Thanks!

    1. PSM says:

      Hello. The Gumroad subscription is exclusively for the content on Gumroad (legacy content, remastered videos, compilations, backstage photos, etc.).
      For the newest, exclusive, never-before-seen, 4K videos the available subscriptions are on OnlyFans and JustForFans (both give you exactly the same content. The choice between the two depends on which platform you already have a profile on or which platform seems more trustworthy to you). For our OF or JFF links, click on the green LinkTree icon in the top right corner of any page of this website.

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