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Real estate agent Infante hasn’t sold one single apartment and his boss Matteo is at his wit’s end. On his last chance, Infante meets his agency’s worst client: super rich and ruthless Alma!
Matteo and Infante are showing Alma a new flat and are desperate for her to buy it. So, when Alma discovers the Dark Siren in one of the rooms, Infante – and his ticklish size 11.5 feet – must become “part of the furniture” for her to have fun and relax.
Alma and Matteo tag-team to tickle Infante’s huge feet, covered in dark blue see-through stockings. The real estate agent squirms at first, but when they take his socks off, he loses it completely: he laughs maniacally as his feet thrash and budge against the feetstocks. Apparently, four hands are too many hands for his ticklish nature. No worries: they tie his big toes as they use all kinds of tickling tools to make him sweat.
As Alma warms up to the apartment, she gets even bolder and exposes the ticklee’s torso and pits for her and Matteo to tickle the submissive geek.
With his job on the line, Infante will do whatever his boss and his client demand.

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