Dear PSM fans,
Many of you might have noticed that we are expanding our sales/subscriptions options with new channels on different websites. This post will help you understand which page contains what.

This is our main store, where you can purchase our most recent videos (mostly 4K videos from 2019 onwards).
Please note that lots of legacy videos have been moved to our Gumroad e-store.

Here you can find our complete archive: all our video work (most legacy videos that aren’t on C4S anymore are here), photos of our models and events, promotional material and backstage content.
You can purchase the content individually or you can subscribe to our channel.

OnlyFans and JustForFans: and
These are pages to stream all our newest videos weeks BEFORE they’re published on C4S. In addition, each month on OF and JFF, we’ll publish an EXCLUSIVE video that you can’t watch anywhere else!
From now on, OF and JFF will share the same content, so you can choose which one you prefer to subscribe to.

To quote a famous 80’s series, thank you for being a tickle friend!


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