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Pedro has been selected for an experimental medical test: he’s now blindfolded and half-naked, bound to a weird chair in Doctor Tickle’s office. The Doctor is very professional but, at the same time, kind of indifferent and cold, which makes this whole predicament pretty awkward for Pedro. Especially since he doesn’t know what the test is about…
The exam begins when the Doctor rubs Pedro’s very ticklish feet. Completely blindsided, the young man starts laughing right off the bat and pulls against his ankles’ restraints, but it’s not enough: Doctor Tickle must employ all of his tools on his little lab’s rat. Pedro loses it as his cruel tickler uses feathers, electric toothbrushes, combs and spiked grooming gloves on the bottom of his bare feet. Tormented Pedro pleads for help but the Doctor is on a mission.
When it’s time to move onto the next round, the Doctor makes the subject lose consciousness, to then untie Pedro’s wrists from his sides and tie them back to the top of his big, medical chair, dangerously exposing Pedro’s ticklish armpits.
As the mad scientist checks his patient’s vitals and strips him off his medical robe, Pedro awakes. Our poor protagonist makes it to the final test: some brutal tickling in his pits and on his whole torso.

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