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More than 10 years ago, we published “Confined Tommaso”, which proved extremely successful.
This is a remastered version, in the original HD resolution (1920×1080) instead of the smaller resolution of the first edition, a high quality and professional image editing work realized with DaVinci Resolve (the color grading industry standard) and a new, extremely clean, audio. It is also more than ten-minute longer.

Our friend Tommaso was badly in need of some cash, so we challenged him: we’ll pay him A LOT, but he has to suffer A LOT. He’ll be tied up on our chair, with a hood on his head to cover his eyes and slow down his senses, and we will LITERALLY – literally – tickle him on his most sensitive spots senselessly and mercilessly for one hour until he cries and begs us to stop… and then we will go on some more.
We weren’t kidding and…man! This is one of the most intense tickle sessions of our production so far.

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