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Thibault is a handsome 25 year old boy of Asian descent who is here today to live his kinky side. He’s a cute young man of just 162 cm in height (5’31’’) and has adorable size 39 EU (7 US) feet. Though short, those feet look particularly manly, with really wide soles.
Thibault is probably in the ‘top 10’ of most ticklish human beings Matteo has ever met. It’s not just a turn of phrase: he’s so painfully ticklish that he’s untouchable from head to toes. Unfortunately for him, Matteo has chosen the Dark Siren to immobilize him with his arms and legs well stretched out, so that he can’t defend his horribly ticklish armpits and bare feet.
During the session, he not only laughs hysterically – which he does – he screams with laughter! So much so that Matteo needs to put a ball gag in his mouth a couple of times.
Our director and tickler can really unleash his most playful wickedness this time; he uses an abundance of toys: a hairbrush, a comb (that makes Thibault go crazy when used between and right under his toes) and even a vibrator that Matteo first uses in the boy’s armpits, to then leave it – activated – all up in one of the leg of Thibault’s shorts, working on his balls and driving him wild.
In the full version, there’s an additional 9-minute scene where Matteo puts a BDSM puppy hood on the Asian ticklee’s head, so that he can really fulfills his fantasy of submission and be a good doggy for Master Matteo.

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