Our company now has a new cinema camera that’s capable of filming 12-bit RAW (uncompressed) footage in an extremely high definition and framerate.
What that means is we’ve just become the first fetish production in the world to release male tickle torture videos in Ultra HD resolution (3840×2160 pixels) at the mind-blowing speed and smoothness of 60 frames per second.
Why does it matter? It matters because for the first time ever tickling videos customers will finally feel like they’re part of the action. You will see every drop of sweat and every armpit’s hair; plus the life-like movements will involve you like never before.
Will all this lead to having to download impossibly heavy video files on your PC or Mac, cluttering your hard drives? Quite the opposite: our videos are lighter now. Thanks to better and more efficient encoding softwares, we are able to give you 4K videos at just 60 MB per minute (so a 15-minute clip would be around 900 MB in size) and full HD videos at only 40 MB per minute (the same clip would be 600 MB). That’s right: we’re offering more image quality for less file size!
As always with our company: smaller resolutions don’t equal lower standards. Our full HD videos will have the exact same bit depth, color grading, level of compression and, above all, framerate that our 4K videos have. They’re just smaller in size.
One last important notice: we hardly recommend to purchase 4K clips only if you’re sure your device can play such big movies at such a high framerate. Generally speaking, even most modern mobile devices can, but some old PC’s graphics are simply not compatible with 4K (or 4K at 60 fps: they are not the same thing). If you’re not sure or you think your device can’t handle our films, please download the full HD alternatives.
And now, let us lead you to a new, advanced, form of entertainment! Thanks for staying with us for all these years and let’s keep those laughter coming.


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