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Price: $7.99 (upper body tickling)/11.99 (foot tickling)/16.99 (full version)
Length: 8 (upper body tickling)/14 (foot tickling)/22 minutes (full version)
Size: 283 MB (upper body tickling)/623 MB (foot tickling)/907 MB (full version)
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080
Model: Italo
Description: For this session, we put our pretty Italo in a new predicament: he sits on the floor, his arms stretched tight above his head with ropes tied to the ceiling and his legs opened wide by tying his bare feet apart to a steel rod; he only has underwear on and can barely move.
Matteo tickles his underarms, ribs, sides, stomach and feet almost relentlessly, making the poor guy laugh and beg him to stop for the whole time.
Taking advantage of such a helpless bondage position, Matteo also hugs and cuddles his victim for his sadistic pleasure.

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