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Price: $8.99 (upper body tickling)/10.99 (foot tickling)/16.99 (full version)
Length: 10 (upper body tickling)/13 (foot tickling)/24 minutes (full version)
Size: 619 MB (upper body tickling)/616 MB (foot tickling)/1,2 GB (full version)
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080
Model: Pau
Description: This young and very sexy model, already seen a few months ago in our latest compilation of auditions, is one of the most ticklish guys we have ever worked with and hates to be tickled! Moreover, there’s no place on his hot, fit, body that isn’t ticklish.
That is why we thought that the best way to give our fans the deepest and most torturous experience with Pau was to have the boy at the complete mercy of Matteo, tied to a large bed in the most helpless position: the spread eagle!
Pau can’t do much more than shouting, uselessly struggling against his bonds and, above all, roaring with laughter while Matteo delights in exploring every inch of his sweaty, ticklish, body.

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