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Price: $24.99
Length: 40 minutes
Size: 1,9 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080
Models: Jordi, Víctor S., Yonatan, Pablo, Marco R., Wilfredo, Pau, Víctor T.
Description: After 3 years from the publication of the Four years of ticklish auditions compilation, which sold hundreds of copies, PSM wants to open its private set once more with this huge 40-minute video showing eight, unreleased, Spanish auditions from 2014, 2015 and 2016.
The candidates are: Jordi, 31 years old, feather-ticklish feet (literally: it’s shown in the clip!); Víctor S., 21 years old, he’s just extremely ticklish ON HIS SKIN (LOL), sporting one of the most ticklish body we’ve ever tried; Yonatan, 32 years old, not really ticklish, but somewhat sensitive in his feet, especially with the brush; Pablo, 29 years old, very ticklish on his upper body; Marco R., 30 years old, pretty ticklish in his feet but even more so in his pits and ribs; Wilfredo, 23 years old, extremely ticklish underarms; Pau, 20 years old, feather-ticklish feet and very ticklish torso, too; Víctor T., 21 years old, ticklish feet, but not a laugher.

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