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Price: $17.99 (both versions)
Length: 17 minutes (both versions)
Size: 735 MB (full HD) / 1 GB (4K)
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080 (full HD) / 3840×2160 (4K)
Model: León
Description: Our beloved León ends up at the mercy of Matteo who slowly ties him face down, completely helpless, on a wooden bench provided with feet stocks.
Since the handsome young man has his strong arms and legs restrained and is thoroughly strapped down to the contraption, his locked feet can’t do anything to escape the tickle torture that they’re about to endure.
Without hesitation, Matteo’s fingers dance over León’s white, gym socks. The jock tries to bear the torture, as if it was some kind of proof of manliness, but the suffering skyrockets as soon as his tormentor removes both socks, revealing León’s perfect, bare, sweaty, ticklish soles. Then Matteo strikes again.
For several minutes, the tickler’s fingers and his lethal hairbrushes keep milking laughter from the now desperate and frantic León.
As this clip has Picture-in-Picture footage of León’s reactions, you’ll be able to sadistically enjoy each second of the man’s agony in close-up, including the many drops of sweat that drip over the device that’s recording his face!
The sexy Spanish man is exhausted, both for the relentless tickling and for staying with his head upside down for so long. He’s literally covered in sweat.
When he finally realizes he’s reached his limit, he feels a layer of oil being applied to his poor, defenseless, feet, so that he becomes even more ticklish!

This is a 60fps video which life-like movements will involve you like never before.

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