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Price: $13.99 (upper body tickling)/13.99 (foot tickling)/20.99 (full version)
Length: 16 (upper body tickling)/16 (foot tickling)/31 minutes (full version)
Size: 724 MB (upper body tickling)/727 MB (foot tickling)/1,3 GB (full version)
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080
Model: Jaume
Description: This is a tutorial video for both the newbies and everyone who has already had some experiences with tickle torture.
In this clip, Master Solletico will share some of his knowledge about how to properly dominate a tickle sub and push him beyond his limits with just the power of your fingers.
For this academic explanation, our Master borrows Jaume’s über ticklish body to explore the tickle sensations and reactions connected to his underarms, ribs, sides, navel, belly and especially his feet (which, alone, take 50% of the whole length of the clip).
You will gradually see Jaume’s submission and worship grow as the laughter increase.

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