Price: $8.99 (both versions)
Length: 9 minutes (both versions)
Size: 271 (HD version)/402 MB (Full HD version)
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280×720 (HD version)/1920×1080 (Full HD version)
Model: Joaquín
Description: Warning! Not for the faint of heart!
Sexy Mexican hunk Joaquín is the first participant of a new series of videos from our production: extreme tickling.
The format couldn’t be easier: the tickler’s fingers don’t lift from the victim’s body for one single second. There is no video editing here: this is literally unmerciful, cruel, non-stop tickle torture.
Of course by now you may think to yourselves: “They probably picked this model because he CAN do this; he mustn’t be too ticklish.” Wrong! Joaquín is one of the most ticklish dudes this production has met: he HATES to be tickled because it’s unbearable to him, but…we all have bills to pay, right?
You buy this video, and you’ll see a hot, straight dude completely tied up and vulnerable, screaming in pain, crying out of desperation but above all laughing hysterically while getting cruelly tickled all over his gorgeous body and especially his big, meaty 44 EU/10.5 US size feet.

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