Price: $10.99 (both versions)
Length: 13 minutes (both versions)
Size: 469 MB (HD version)/998 MB (Full HD version)
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280×720 (HD version)/1920×1080 (Full HD version)
Model: Joaquín
Description: Joaquín is a paparazzi who follows V.I.P.’s and takes pictures of them for a well-known magazine, but this time he’s stepped on the wrong man’s toes…so he’ll torture Joaquín’s toes in return!
The crazy, rich and powerful artist Joaquín took photos of is pissed off: he has the hot photographer in just his underwear tied with ropes to a pair of chairs and wants him to confess where the photos are, but his sexy hostage plays dumb, so the angry celebrity leaves him with his sidekick, who’s gonna tickle Joaquín’s über ticklish soles all the time he needs to…”clear his mind”.

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