Price (summer sale): $10 (torso tickling compilation)/10 (feet tickling compilation)/15 (both compilations)
Length: 49 (torso tickling compilation)/55 (feet tickling compilation)/104 minutes (both compilations)
Size: 2,6 (torso tickling compilation)/3,1 GB (feet tickling compilation)/5,7 GB (both compilations)
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080
Model: Jaume, Italo, Cristian, Pau (torso tickling compilation)/Gen, Vittorio, Joaquín, Carlos, León (feet tickling compilation)
Description: PSM presents two 1-hour long compilations of “Barcelona tickling”: featuring the best 4 upper body tickling scenes and the best 4 feet tickling scenes of the latest years.
In the torso tickling compilation, the scenes are: the upper body portions of “How to tickle your sub” (16 minutes) and “Stretched and opened wide” (8 minutes), the complete version of “Cristian’s armpits predicament” (15 minutes) and the upper body part of “Spread eagle on the bed” (10 minutes).
In the feet tickling compilation, the scenes are: the feet portion of “Gen’s first time” (13 minutes), the complete version of “Wanna work or what?” (13 minutes), the feet part of “Two big boys to play with” (9 minutes) and the complete version of “The serial tickler” (20 minutes).

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These clips will be published on Clips4Sale on 23 September. Until then, they can only be bought writing us privately via our contact form.
For more information about these clips and our summer sale, click here.

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2 replies on “Barcelona tickling compilations”

  1. Nicolas says:

    Cristian is so cute and have gorgeous feet, hope you could make a worship video someday. thanks for all your work <3

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