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Price: $7.99 (David’s clip)/13.99 (Joaquín’s clip)/9.99 (León’s clip)/5.99 (Rafael’s clip)
Length: 8 (David’s clip)/17 (Joaquín’s clip)/11 minutes (León’s clip)/5 minutes (Rafael’s clip)
Size: 430 MB (David’s clip)/1,2 GB (Joaquín’s clip)/769 MB (León’s clip)/360 MB (Rafael’s clip)
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080
Models: David, Joaquín, León, Rafael
Description: Barcelona Erotic Show 2016: four days of kink and fun for all sexual orientations where PSM presented its brand-new bondage chair, the Dark Siren.
In these clips, you will be able to enjoy the whole version of the scenes starring David (the handsome guy tickled by his ex-girlfriend), Joaquín, León and Rafael (the super hot blonde punk/skater boy): many minutes more compared to their segments in the Barcelona Erotic Show compilation.

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David Joaquín León Rafael

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3 replies on “BES: the individual clips”

  1. Maria says:

    Please make more videos with Rafael! I would love to see more videos of him tickled! His feet are so beautiful and I would love to see them worshipped if possible!

    1. Chris Manuel says:

      hey maria can i tickle you if so can you please add me on facebook chris manuel chris 🙂

      1. PSM says:

        We wish you the beck of luck, Chris, but it’s highly unlikely that anyone could find you on a social network with millions of users searching for “Chris Manuel”. ;(
        Why don’t you give Maria an email address instead?
        And if you do want to tickle her, maybe you should at least tell her where you’re from.

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